Spring Clean Your Makeup Drawer

spring clean makeup

Besides cherry blossoms and newborn babies, almost nothing says winter is over like the need for a spring clean. Although this ritual can be a tedious task, we know of a fun spot that is in dire need of some attention: your makeup drawer. Makeup, like most things in the world of beauty and fashion, has a certain lifespan that we should take into consideration when getting dolled up. Take a look at some of the beauty items to replace this season.

Mascara and Eyeliner

You may have heard this one before, but things like mascara and eyeliner need to be tossed out after a certain period of time. The standard recommendation for keeping mascara is about three months. Because you’re using the same wand on your lashes every day, and simply can’t clean it, the chance of getting an eye infection is high if you don’t replace the product every season. The same applies to eyeliners: if they’re being used on your bottom lash line regularly, they might be spreading bacteria near your eyes. This is also your chance to try a new brand. We tend to get kind of attached to the cosmetics that work for us, but suggest sprucing it up and trying something new!


Luckily for us color-worshiping ladies, shadows last a while longer. As long as you’re using a clean brush, powder shadows will basically last until you're done with them. But while you’re in the spring-cleaning mode, try to wipe off the top layer of all your shadows, just to oust any dust it might have collected along the way. 

Cream and liquid shadows are a little different. With moisture comes the opportunity for bacteria growth, so we recommend tossing a gel shadow after two years or once the ingredients become too watery or start separating.

Foundation and Concealer

There’s a reason they call it foundation: it’s the most essential part of a well-thought out makeup look. For this reason, foundation and concealer need to get a little more attention than the rest of your cosmetics. Like the liquid shadows, the moisture allows them to hold on to any dirt you may have had on your skin from another day, which could cause breakouts, so we suggest replacing them once a year. Most of us go through more than one tube of foundation a year anyway, but don’t store your winter foundation now that it’s spring. Rather throw it out and buy a new one next year. 


Deciding when to trash your lipsticks can be tough, mostly because we spend so much time choosing the colors we love! Lipstick generally lasts about 18 months, but it totally depends on how you treat it. We recommend always applying it with a lip brush and not having direct contact with the shade. It’s also possible to occasionally dip your lipstick in cleaning alcohol, just to kill off any potential mold that might be growing. 


Not feeling up to tossing your goods? You can donate them! If makeup has hardly been used and isn’t too old, there are several women’s shelters that will take them. Make sure to clean the items up, send them the way you would like to receive them. Happy spring cleaning everyone!