5 Great YouTube Makeup Tutorials For Spring 2011

makeup tutorials

YouTube is good for a lot of things; cat videos, people pulling stupid stunts, countless memes, and the ever practical makeup tutorial. If you are not naturally blessed with the ability to replicate the hottest new looks simply by looking at a magazine, then fear not. The YouTubers who have taken the time to take you through the looks step-by-step are your new best friends. If you aren't sure what to do with your eyes when you're rocking bright coral lips, then tune in to some of these video bloggers who can help you get your spring 2011 makeup looks in gear. 


1. Bold Eyes

Getting your eye shadow to look like well-blended art rather than a black eye can be tricky, and that's why makeup tutorials are amazing. MakeupGeekTV is one of my go-to YouTubers when I have a question about how to create a look I'm not familiar with. Bright eyes reminiscent of the 80s have been all over the runways in blue, red, pink, yellow, purple, and hello, neon! But careful, you don't want to look like you stepped into a time machine. Follow professional makeup artist, Marlena, as she takes you through the process with helpful tips like when to use sweeping "windshield wiper" strokes or little circular ones to get the correct shading you need for this look. 


2. Orange/Coral Lips

YouTube blogger RachhLoves is a great resource for beauty, fashion, and fitness. With more than 33,000 subscribers, it's safe to say she knows what she's talking about. Coral lips are one of spring's biggest trends yet it's a color that can be difficult to pull off. A neutral, fresh face means the lip is pulled into focus, but with something as bright as coral, follow her tip to use it only as a light lip stain. 


3. Neutral and Natural Makeup 

Bright eyes and lips have added a pop of color on the runways but keeping it calm and natural and neutral is another big trend for the season. There are a ton of tutorials to choose from, and while you could hit up a professional for the tricks of the trade, it's refreshing to see a commoner do it too. If they can do it, so can you. Aleexandraaxo is another great YouTube blogger; she might be just a teenager but she's got her hair and makeup down pat. She's amassed nearly 40,000 subscribers and has fantastic, uber quick tutorials like this one on neutral makeup in three minutes. Learn to look like like you're wearing nothing but your smile. 


4. Smoky Eyes

The hottest spring 2011 trends are all over the spectrum. Neutral maybe hot, but so is a great dramatic smoky eye. Like the bold eye, the smoky eye runs the risk of ended up looking like you've been out partying for hours rather than just getting started. I'll confess that I have yet to master this look, it's ultra tricky, but I still watch tons of videos in hopes of finding that little tip that will help. Sean Conklin, Lead Make-up Artist at Make-Up Designory has some awesome videos, and fittingly, this super easy to follow one on the spring 2011 smoky eye. One of the advantages of watching a pro at work is that the camera work and quality tends to be much better, making it easier to see exactly how he is moving the brush to achieve the look.  


5. Pretty in Pastel 

Oh Spring, you are reliable but still pretty as ever. The rainy months of 2011 usher in the always spring-like pastels. It's not just for Easter candy, pastels that embrace shimmer rather than full on glitter are all the rage and oh so pretty. The look calls for light pink or purple swept across your eyes and pouty shimmery pink, creating a full lip. YouTuber AshleysBeautyCorner does a great job of showing you how to create a really feminine look without overdoing it. Remember, you want to look sweet but not like you broke into your little sister's Barbie makeup.