Celebrity Beauty Trend: Dagger Nails

dagger nails

Get your claws out ladies, because the latest trend in manicures is dagger nails. Also referred to as stiletto nails, the edgy trend has been spotted in a range of hues on celebrity fingertips this spring.

Blake Lively wears pale peach dagger nails.Adrienne Bailon sports dagger nails in Beverly Hills.

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When Blake Lively debuted her new auburn locks at the Time Magazine 100th Issue Event in NYC, she also showed off dagger nails in a pale peach. Adrienne Bailon rocked a similar nail look recently in Beverly Hills. How she manages to text with those nails is a mystery!

Jessie J wears dagger nails on the cover of her new album.

Rihanna wears yellow dagger nails.

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Jessie J is a huge fan of the dagger manicure, and sports the tough look in black on the cover of her album Who You Are. In the video for her song What's My Name, Rihanna's bright yellow dagger nails stand out against her black and white striped blazer.

Lady Gaga dressed as a human condom and wore dagger nails.Katy Perry wears gold dagger nails.

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For her appearance on Good Morning America, Lady Gaga dressed as a human condom to talk about safe sex. We're not entirely sure how her gray dagger nails fit the concept, but they definitely made a statement. Katy Perry is known for her wacky manicures, so it's to be expected that she'd start sporting dagger nails. In fact, she took it to new lengths with these unwieldy gold talons.

Thinking of trying the look yourself? Rihanna's manicurist, Kimmie Kyees, recently told InStyle that "long, pointy nails elongate fingers, making them look nice and slender." Her one requirement? "You have to be fearless!"