Reviving the Redhead

Blake Lively red hair at the Met Ball

If blondes have more fun and brunettes are smarter, where exactly does that leave redheads? For the longest time, this shade was associated with all kinds of strange myths and stereotypes. If you saw Glee’s “Born This Way” episode last week, you heard Emma mention that some people believe gingers smell like copper, can get a sunburn indoors at night, are bad luck, or soul-less…the list is endless. But we are happy to say that those days are behind us, because red hair is on fire this season! We’ve spotted celebs rocking gorgeous crimson shades, crazy bright reds (shout out to RiRi!) and some with just a few red highlights. 

Rumer Willis dyes her hair red.Mandy Moore has red har.

Rumer Willis and Mandy Moore recently went red.

It’s hard to say who brought this trend to life, but we’re loving the warmer crimson tones much more than the black, rock star dye we were all washing our hair with five years ago. Not to mention those platinum blonde Baywatch days! If you feel like you’re ready to own this trend, we suggest starting with a red shade that is closest to your natural hair color. For brunettes, stick with darker, maroon-like shades, and for blondes, begin with a strawberry blonde color before you make the big jump. This way, if the color doesn’t agree with you, it’ll be easy to undo the damage. 

Blake Lively at the Met Ball with her new red hair.

Scarlet Johansson dyes her hair red!

If you’re feeling adventurous and are ready to jump in head first, we’d recommend a light red color for the spring — we're taking inspiration from you, Blake Lively. The actress, who dyed her hair for an upcoming film, looks stunning with the new light Little Mermaid-style hue with gold undertones. To try Lively’s color, we suggest Revlon’s ColorSilk Hair Color in Strawberry Blonde ($3.50). Scarlett Johannson took the trend in a different direction, going for a sexy, richer red that really makes her eyes pop. For a more crimson look, we like L’Oréal’s Féria Multi-Faceted Shimmering Color in Cardinal ($9.99).