Crazy for Keratin: Splitting Hairs with Ryan Nickulas

Celebrity stylist Ryan Nickulas (catch him on The A-List New York on Logo TV) gives us the dish on living a fabulously beautiful life in Splitting Hairs: Ryan Nickulas' Guide to the Luxe Life, his new column for The Fashion Spot.


Hi Sugars! Hope everyone's doing great! I wanted to talk today about what I’m going crazy for — you might say, "I’m Cuckoo for Keratin!" — especially the Keratin Complex Express Blowout. Here’s why: you get MAJOR results! 


keratin complexBEAUTY BENEFITS

Think: Luminous, shiny hair with reduced frizz. Yes, it’s true! Not only will your locks be all aglow, you’ll cut your styling time in half. And, if that’s not enough, it even seals in your color to protect it from fading for up to 8 weeks. It’s great for the girl who wants to go from blonde to the red-hot hue of-the-moment, or brunettes and blondes who simply don’t want brassiness. The best part is, you can treat yourself to a Keratin Express Blowout without breaking the piggy bank (It’s usually in the $100 range, while the full treatment can run $300-$400 and up) and without months and months of commitment like the full Keratin service. Is it any wonder why celebs like Nicole Richie and Beyonce love it?? 


Now, let’s discuss the –hydes, you know those pesky chemical ingredients everyone’s quivering in their boots over. It’s time to nix your fear of hair processes that include them, because you better believe chemicals are EVERYWHERE. From the polish you paint your nails with to the cheesy celeb-created perfume you’re spritzing (c’mon, I know you’ve got RiRi’s Reb’l Fleur or SJP’s Lovely hidden away in your vanity) to the floors you’re walking on. That’s because it’s the component that bonds color to your nails or product to your skin or hair…and it works! That being said, the reason I love Keratin Complex is because their express blowout has the lowest levels of these chemicals. I’ve heard other stylists have nosebleeds, migraines and other horrifying things from other systems, which I’m proud to say has never happened in my salon. Also, my salon has an incredible ventilation system—it used to be a pizza place—so there are zero icky fumes. 




My other essentials from Keratin Complex are the Intense Rx Ionic Keratin Protein Restructuring Serum, which you apply to damp hair for an amazing blowout; the Vita Volume Boosting Foam for sexy volume; the Infusion which smooths and tames hair with tons of moisture; and finally, Straight Day Styling Spray, which every girl needs in her gym or beach bag.