Resort 2012: Best Beauty Looks


I love the in-between seasons. Spring and fall are far superior than the scorching heat of summer or blistering cold of winter; accordingly, fashion’s in-between seasons Resort and Pre-Fall always feel like an amuse-bouche before the next big season and I love it. In the same way that the pre-collections often foreshadow the major trends of the coming season, the beauty shown in this more restrained capacity is always telling of trends to come. The major difference between pre-collections and the big leagues is that they are often shown either in a smaller venue or shot in lookbook style. One model, or a small group, doesn’t give a full picture of the designers’ inspiration but the presentation format does have its perks. The small group of models is often chosen to accurately reflect the designer’s point of view for the collection and can be seen as the quintessential muse; because of this, the pre collections are a great indicator of trends for the next season. Here are some of the standout beauty looks that, hopefully, will go on to dominate next season's runways.  

Bottega VenetaErdem

While it looks like the texture we saw last season at Bottega Veneta isn't going anywhere (thank goodness) the beauty look is decidedly more understated. The Hitchcockian look from last season has been toned down to an updated neutral with slicked back hair and a natural wheat-toned palette. After a few seasons of strong beauty looks, this updated nude is a welcome trend. In another updated look, Erdem's bold lip is a look to get excited about. While bright lipstick may not be anything new, the rich blue-red paired with a completely clean face is a great way to wear a bold lipstick during the day without looking overly made up. It may seem antiquated, but the notion of focusing on one area of the face and making it the star has been long forgotten and is due for a revival. 

MoschinoRachel Zoe Resort

Moschino's blush palette is reminiscent of the amazing daytime beauty looks we saw at Cannes and is a welcome change from smoky eyes and bold lips. Invest in a blush toned lipstick and cream blush for next season and you won't regret it. With the seventies inspiration evident in Rachel Zoe's collection, it's no surprise that the models' locks were long and wavy, but what made the look modern was the bold berry lip. It was just a touch darker than what is considered bright or bold but paired with defined brows it was a necessary measure that kept the collection from looking retro and updated the whole look. 

Oscar de la RentaChanel Resort

Oscar de la Renta's dewy beauty look is one that is rarely achieved well at home. There is a fine line between looking dewy and looking shiny, or even worse, sweaty. So, if you're looking to capture this look at home, accent your orange-red lipstick with a cream highlighter on your cheekbones and temples. Lastly, for the quintessential resort look, look to Chanel. The wearable face could work for day or night and paired with the bright hues in the collection, the warm, defined eye and sculpted cheeks added an air of sophistication to the relaxed hair style. 

Photos: WWD