Get the Look: Sapphire Eyes

Ginnifer Goodwin blue eyeshadow

When it comes to blue eyeshadow, many of us start having seventh grade flashbacks that include the horrors of braces, puberty, and Backstreet Boys dance parties. We'd rather not go back to how we looked back then, but for some talented stars, blue eyeshadow is starting to represent something new: an exotic, fun summer color than just about anybody can rock. We took a look at how some of our fave red carpet starlets wore these shades and kept it classy. Take a look at these tips:

Pick a hue and stick with it

Jennifer Lopez blue eyeshadowNothing screams tacky like an ocean blue eyeshadow. When it comes to dominating this look, it's best to choose a light baby blue or a deep navy—not something in between. We really liked how Jennifer Lopez went for a more silvery blue shade that went from the bottom half of her lids right down to her tear ducts.

For a light subtle blue eye, we like Make Up Forever's Iridescent Periwinkle Blue shadow ($19), a light blue-gray color with a hint of shimmer. Dab this color gently across the lids with a cotton ball then take a thin eyeliner brush and line the edges of your eyes with the same color.

Keep the dark blues on the bottom

Emily Blunt blue eyeshadowNavy eyeshadow, like any dark shadow, can be sexy and evening appropriate when used correctly. Minimalism is key when it comes to sapphires—you want to avoid the black-eye look at all costs. The trick is to use the darker shades on your lids and not go any further than your crease. Emily Blunt nailed the smoky blue look, keeping the concentration of color near her lash line.

To get a similar look, try Rimmel’s Glam Eye Shadow Quad palette in Smokey Blue ($6), start by pressing the color onto the lower part of your lids then use a blending brush to thin the color out as you move up your lid. Finish it off by dusting a pale blue or light silver shadow above the darker color, always moving in an upward circular motion. For a clean, sophisticated look, stop before you reach your brow bone.

Rim the entire eye

Ginnifer Goodwin blue eyeshadowGinnifer Goodwin looked fierce in an aqua blue shadow that was rimmed carefully around her eyes. Applying one color around your entire eye can be breathtaking, as long as you use the color on its own. To get the Something Borrowed star’s look, use a thin, angled, eyeliner brush and dab the tips of it into the color. Then dot the color across your top and bottom lash line, finally filling in the color like you’re playing connect the dots. We love the highly-pigmented Urban Decay Matte Eyeshadow in Electric ($8.50) for a fun, flirty aqua shadow.

Keep the rest of your face bare

Catherine Zeta Jones blue eyeshadowThe great thing about a clean, bold blue eye is that it takes the pressure off applying a lot of makeup elsewhere. The 80s have come and gone, so ladies please, skip the bold lipstick, the over-the-top hairdos, and the uber rosy cheeks when preparing this look—let the eyes speak for themselves. Although Catherine Zeta Jones didn’t listen to all of our blue eye color tips, we admire the way she kept her face fresh and natural looking, pairing her shadow only with a bit of rouge and a pale pink gloss.