Celebrity Hair Stylist Alejandra: a tFS Exclusive

I can't think of a higher compliment to be paid to a hair stylist than to style the mane of the President of the United States. Hair maven, Alejandra, was awarded that privilege when she worked her hair magic on President Barack Obama. Other career highlights include styling the hair of celebrities such as Mariah Carey, Alicia Silverstone, Chris Noth, and Woody Harrelson (she's got a knack for a man's mane), and her editorial work has been featured in American Vogue, Town & Country, Vanity Fair and Nylon magazines.

Here, I ask Alejandra my 3 favorite beauty-related questions:

INDUSTRY BREAK: I have always wanted to do hair ever since I can remember so as soon as I was able to hold a pair of scissors, I went straight to the salon to get a job at the age of 16. I worked in the salon for 10 years and then discovered the freelance world of fashion and fell in love with the idea of being able to create art with hair which now lands me here in NYC with almost 7 years of experience in the fashion freelance world, meeting and working with amazing people such as our President.


  1. Phyto Volume Spray: A great all around spray that works for all hair types in need of volume.
  2. Redken Quickdry Hiarspray: With this hairspray, you are able to spray on layers of hairspray without it getting too sticky or stiff and it's easy to comb out.
  3. Bumble and Bumble Hair Tonic: A great refresher to the scalp, hair and senses. 
  4. Phyto Volume Mouse: An excellent volumizing mousse that will build volume at the root when applied.
  5. Kerastace SÉRUM OLÉO-RELAX: This product is great for thick, frizzy, curly hair. A great blow drying product to tame the hair as well as being able to use it when the hair is dry for a little extra sheen.

FAVORITE LOOK YOU'VE CREATED: Every look I create is my favorite so it's very hard for me to pick just one. I do, however, love a challenge and that is when I have to create gorgeous, thick, textured hair from hair that is thin and straight. adding extensions and creating texture with my tools is one of my favorite styling jobs.

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