20 Hands On Makeup Tips from Sonia Kashuk

Sonia Kashuk

I’m always excited when I’m invited to anything taking place in the Target Showroom in New York City because when they host an event, they completely transform their Fashion Avenue space. From a Missoni haven for the preview of their upcoming designer collaboration to a product-laden bathroom for their Fall 2011 preview, I’ve even seen a Target-emblazoned faux hot dog stand at one of their events. Yesterday, celebrity makeup artist Sonia Kashuk hosted a makeup tutorial for about 40 editors hailing everywhere from Teen Vogue and Cosmo to some of the country’s most popular blogs. Each of us had our own vanity outfitted with a slew of Kashuk’s Target products and a mirror. The gregarious Kashuk joked about her naked face before guiding us through a makeup routine using her products.

Speaking to a roomful of women who write about beauty on a daily basis about makeup tips is no easy feat but Kashuk, who in 2006 authored a book called Real Beauty where she offered up professional tips, is a seasoned vet and had some fantastic insight.

Everything on each of our vanities was from the Sonia Kashuk for Target line with the exception of Yes to Blueberries makeup removing wipes and SPF 30 moisturizer (both of which are fantastic and sold at Target). All of the products used were under $19.99, with most falling under $9.99. Admittedly, the brushes weren’t as luxe as, say, those from Hourglass and the shadows weren't as buttery smooth as, say, Sensai, but given their prices, they more than delivered, especially when it came to selection of shapes and hues. Read on for tips from Kashuk!

  • After cleansing your face always apply an SPF moisturizer, especially in the under eye region.
  • It’s essential to use primer. It makes a huge difference in the layout of your makeup, the wear, and it feels very good on skin.
  • If you don’t need concealing – don’t use concealer! Stick with liquid foundation only.
  • When it comes to foundation, the main thing is to make sure the color is the right fit. How you apply it – whether with a brush, sponge, or your fingers – does not matter, but it’s important to remember to pad and dab it on (versus soaking and pressing with a lot of pressure).
  • Don’t forget to apply foundation under the eye right up to the lash line, to cover your entire eyelid to take away any darkness you might have, and to go over your entire lip line – you can even go over the brow if you feel like you have redness there. Kashuk also noted that all of her liquid foundations have a yellow base to take away redness and make skin more neutral.

Sonia kashuk event

  • If you need to use a concealer, choose a shade slightly lighter than your foundation, but be careful not to go too light or there will be color separation (hello raccoon eyes!)
  • When working around your eye with concealer make sure to use your ring finger as it's the weakest and tap, don't rub.
  • When working with cream products, it's best to use synthetic brushes.
  • Brightening powder is good to use over concealer especially on the inner part of the eye.
  • Sonia KashukAfter applying blush, use a clean brush to break anything down and make sure all is well blended – this is especially important if you’re using more than one blush shade (which is why I personally prefer blushes like this one from Sensai which comes with multiple shades in one compact so you can just swoop over all of them).
  • Use a double fiber brush for softer blush application.
  • Dot Liner between your upper lashes to make them appear fuller.
  • Go over your eyelid with powder before applying shadow to avoid creasing.
  • If you opt to use cream products on your eyes set them with powder.
  • When applying shadow, don’t forget to add color into your crease to give your face depth. With darker eyes, however it’s best to emphasize your lash line versus the crease and remember to always have very little color on your eye makeup brush as it’s always best to build slowly.
  • To give your eyes a little lift if they droop down, wing out eye liner just a hair.
  • After you’re done with your eye makeup, take a clean brush and soften up the eyes so you don't see any color beginning or ending.
  • When working with an eye pencil, it shouldn’t be a back and forth motion. Stroke the brow pencil in the direction your hair grows.
  • If your eyes tend to droop down, don’t use mascara on your lower lashes.
  • Opt for a lip pencil under your lipstick or gloss for longer wear. If you fill in your entire lip with liner first you’ll have an extra layer when your color wears off.

Typically, I don’t wear nearly as much makeup as what was used during the event, but I did come away with an interest in experimenting with lip liner which I never thought would hold any appeal for me. The tutorial ended with a discussion on fall trends and Kashuk said that the first thing to change when transitioning from summer to fall is your foundation because even the brightest, most protected skin will get some color. She also noted to go from brighter colors to warmer more jewelry-toned and deeper hues come September.

To check-out Sonia Kashuk's extensive makeup, skincare, and accessories collection for Target, click here.