Rain-Proof Your Hair

Katie Holmes

Katie HolmesFrom hurricanes to never-ending rainfall, the East Coast has had to deal with some pretty nasty weather the last few weeks. Flooding and electric outages aside, there’s one thing we’d really like to take care of: our rain-ruined hair. Whether you’re suffering from frizz, flat hair or a just an overall hair mess, here are some tips on how to survive the wet weather.


Fight the Frizz

The weather forecast predicts a storm and you’re prone to frizz in moist air. Oh, no.

If you know ahead of time, start by washing your hair the night before the rain hits, instead of the morning of. Sleeping on dry, clean hair gives your ‘do some time to flatten out and ease frizz naturally. Lightly spritz your hair with a bit of water in the morning and run a dime size amount of humidity-fighting de-frizzing product through it before styling. We like Defrizz by Bumble and Bumble  ($25)— it tackles humidity and rain head on.

Caught in the rain? Keep a small amount of styling cream in your bag to run through your hair on those occasions. Go with your natural texture if possible; it will produce far less frizz than if you try to re-straighten your hair.


Prevent a Flat Hairdo

To keep the volume in your hair on a wet day, forgo hair spray and try using mousse. The moisture in the mousse will prep your hair for rainy weather and, unlike spray, won’t give in at the first sight of a drizzle.

If you get caught off guard and you end up with flat, wet hair, switch to an updo. Comb your hair back into a slick ponytail or tight ballerina bun and finish it off with some spray to hold it in place.


Kate Hudson

Try a Fool-Proof 'Do

Besides a ponytail—which is usually the best styling option on rainy days—you can also let your hair go (semi) au natural. Giving your hair free reign might sounds scary, but it’s a great way to make it look like you planned a caught-in-the-rain look.

Start by letting your hair air-dry, then run a bit of styling gel or mousse through it to keep it in place. This look is meant to be beach-y and slightly messy (see Kate Hudson’s hair, left), so when the rain brings out frizzy strands, don’t panic, it will add only add volume to your ‘do.