5 New Facials to Try Now

Facial photo

I don’t know about you, but for me, keeping my face in tip top gorgeous shape has always been a top priority. So I’m always gung ho to discover any new treatments or tricks that will leave my skin looking and feeling fresh, smooth and flawless. From a Refreshing Skin Soothie at the luxurious Lake Austin Spa Resort in Austin, Texas to the Full Monty over here at Belle Visage Day Spa in Studio City, California, check out these 5 new facials you just gotta try now!

The Full Monty

Full Monty Facial at Belle Visage Day Spa

What it is: The queen of all facials, this intense 90 minute treatment utilizes technologies such as dermaplaning, extractions, and LamProbe to remove dead skin build up, pesky little peach fuzz, annoying black heads, white heads and pretty much any skin growths that can be found on the face and/or neck. Plus, you get a soothing aromatherapy facial massage and revitalizing face mask to go along with it!

Why we love it: It gets rid of cholesterol oil deposits (those tiny hardened deep oil deposits that look like small little bumps on your face), skin tags, broken capillaries and after a few sessions, even cystic acne. Pretty cool, huh?

Where you can get it: Belle Visage Day Spa in Studio City, CA –  $250 for 90 minutes


Refreshing Skin Soothie 

Lake Austin Spa Resort

What it is: Ideal for women with sensitive, compromised, and even acne-prone skin, the Refreshing Skin Soothie helps cool and hydrate skin via a complexion calming massage followed by an advanced masque rich with vitamins C, E, Ferulic acid, botanicals, cucumber, and rosemary to firm and soothe irritated skin.

Why we love it: Women with rosacea and/or sensitive skin can finally enjoy a day at the spa with a facial treatment designed specifically for them!

Where you can get it: Lake Austin Spa Resort in Austin, Texas – $170 for 50 minutes


Orchard Facial 

La Costa Resort and Spa Orchard Facial

What it is: A delicious seasonal treatment, the Orchard Facial (available starting last month) utilizes cranberries and pomegranate to reawaken dry, thirsty skin, while green apples, pears, and sugar plums all go to work, infusing skin with the necessary nutrients and antioxidants it craves.

Why we love it: This facial helps revitalize skin structure, increase collagen production and fight the signs of aging. It also involves food, so obviously we’re sold!

Where you can get it: La Costa Resort and Spa in Carlsbad, California – $135 for 50 minutes


Cranberry Facial Peel

Spa facial

What it is: A seasonal facial peel perfect for sensitive skin types, this quick 25 minute treatment utilizes cranberry (a powerful antioxidant that contains vitamin A and C) to moisturize and protect skin from the harsh winter elements of Chicago weather.

Why we love it: It freshens and exfoliates dry and dull skin cells, naturally leaving your skin smooth, glowing and holiday party ready. Oh, and you can even apply makeup directly after the peel!

Where you can get it: Skin Wellness Center of Chicago in Chicago, Illinois – $80 for a single peel lasting 25 minutes or $225 for a series of three


Red Door Oxygen Infusion Facial

Elizabeth Arden Red Door Spa Oxygen Infusion Facial

What it is: Red Door Spas’ unique Oxygen Infusion Facial offers the latest innovation in skin regeneration with oxygen (an essential element that dramatically revives and replenishes skin cells) to provide a one-two punch of oxygen and collagen that deeply rejuvenates your skin. The treatment starts with the application of a specially-formulated collagen serum to promote elasticity and firmness, followed by a steady mist of pressurized oxygen, delivered deep into the cellular layers of skin to provide an immediate plumping effect.

Why we love it: The concentrated application of oxygen and collagen helps revive skin, resulting in a complexion that’s fresh, glowing and radiant from the inside out. Plus, it’s suitable for all skin types!

Where you can get it: Elizabeth Arden Red Door Spa at New York, Chevy Chase, Chicago, Garden City, Wildwood, Gaithersburg and Cross Keys – $175 for 50 minutes