How to Change the Shape of Your Eyes with Makeup

Makeup has been used as a means of transformation since its inception but very few women know how to put that into practice to change their own features. Contouring the face and nose has become commonplace but contouring and enhancing eye-shapes is a bit harder. Here are three of the most common shapes and what you can do to make them look bigger, smaller, or just more defined.

(The celebrities used as examples may or may not have the eye shape in question but are using the right techniques for that shape.)

Hooded Eyes

Blake LivelyBlake Lively

If you have hooded eyes, you don’t have a visible crease line when your eyes are open and therefore any makeup applied on the lid is lost most of the time. This is a tricky problem to work around, particularly if you’re not keen on a lot of color on your eye, but there are steps you can take to work around it. There are two ways of approaching hooded eyes: accentuating the crease towards the brow or working from the bottom and outer corner. If you want to accentuate the crease, be sure to apply product above the crease and towards the brow bone but know that it will always make you look like you’re wearing a lot of makeup. So instead, working with what you have from the bottom is often the best solution.

Try to use matte shades on the lid whenever possible because you want to draw attention to your eye rather than the skin surrounding it and glitter can be distracting. Don’t bother with applying shadow by the brow-bone, as most of it will be lost in the crease. Start by building your shadow from the lash line up.  Extend your shadow line to the outer corner and upwards, ensuring that it’s in line with the natural angle going towards your brow, and blend inwards. This will give you the appearance of a shaded eye without losing all of your color in the middle. Women with hooded eyes can also play with liner on the lower waterline as it will attract a lot of attention.

Small Eyes

Kirsten DunstKirsten Dunst

If you have small eyes, the placement of the product is more important than how much. You want to draw attention to the center of your eyes to make them appear larger. Use a thicker gel or liquid liner on the top of the lid but apply less underneath. Instead, opt for a bronze or light colored eyeliner on the lower waterline. Apply false eyelashes that are fuller in the center and when applying mascara to the bottom lashes, concentrate the volume in the middle. You don’t want to draw too much attention to the outer corner of your eye as it will elongate your shape rather than lift it. Women with smaller eyes can also try applying a lighter shadow as a liner on the bottom lash line which will open the eyes whilst adding extra color and drama.Lastly, be sure not to box the eyes in. If you have small eyes, never apply eyeliner all the way around your eye as it will accentuate the smallness. 

Round Eyes

Angelina JolieAngelina Jolie

If you have very round eyes, you’ll want to try a small kitten flick. Accentuating the outer corners will be key as it will draw the eye outwards, making the illusion of longer eyes. Don’t apply dark shadow on the lids and instead apply a neutral base and contour with a shade just darker than your natural tone. Start your eyeliner about a third of the way across your lash line and draw a small flick when you reach the edge. Connect the flick to the underside of the lash line if you wish, but be sure not to draw that line all the way across. If you want, use a taupe or bronze eyeliner on the waterline as it will neither elongate nor accentuate the roundness of your eyes. Lastly, applying individual lashes, or corner lashes, to the outer corner will draw even more attention there.

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