True Life: I Got a Brow Makeover

I never really paid that much attention to my eyebrows before. Sure, I would get them waxed and plucked on a regular basis like any other girl (mostly at nail salons, eek), but as long as they didn’t come across as too untamed, I didn’t seem to notice. Well, that is until I met Amy Hollier.

Amy is a makeup artist and the co-founder of Luxe Beauty Team, a celebrity makeup team based out of LA, so she definitely knows her stuff. She and I first met while working on a story for something totally different (sunless tanning), but as she so kindly pointed out to me that day, my eyebrows were pretty uneven. Say what?!? But I just got them done!! Yup, one glance in the mirror was all I needed to confirm that observation.

Thank goodness Amy’s a trooper and immediately offered to have me back for a big, fat “brow makeover” once I let mine grow in a little. 

True Life: I Got A Brow Makeover

Amy pointed out that, like many women, my eyebrows were spaced slightly far apart, most likely due to my bad wax job or my tendency to over-pluck on occasion. Either way, to compensate for that lack of hair and to level my eyebrows with my peepers, Amy used a brow pencil to fill in the inside edges. If you’ll notice in that after image (see above), she also filled in the small gap toward the end of my eyebrow. Of course, she cleaned up my strays, too. Can you believe the difference proper brow maintenance make for my face?

True Life: I Got A Brow Makeover

To further prove this point, check out the before and after images of Dana (above). “Dana’s brows were wild, long and unruly,” notes Amy. “So while I wanted to keep their fullness, I also wanted to add some more structure to her eyes by giving them a more defined shape.” Amy trimmed and thinned Dana’s brows on top of all that, making them easier to manage.

True Life: I Got A Brow Makeover

Kelly (above), on the other hand, had eyebrows like “cute baby caterpillars” when Amy first met her. “The first thing I did was lighten Kelly’s brows to an ashy blonde shade. Then I created a lift in her arch and showed her how to fill in the tails,” says Amy. “Now her eyebrows are much more balanced and complement her smile perfectly.” We definitely agree! 

For more maintenance tips and to learn how to keep your eyebrows in perfect shape, here are some top tips from Amy:

  • Have regular brow shapings done by a reputable professional. In most cases, you get what you pay for, so keep that in mind when you hand over your FACE to someone. I suggest every 3-4 weeks.
  • Clean up the random strays every few days with tweezers, just avoid getting too close to your actual brows or you could end up over tweezing. We are all guilty of this.
  • My daily routine goes like this: First I use a q-tip over my brows to remove any makeup or lotion. Then I brush through with a spooley brush, fill in any gaps with a pencil or powder and set with a brow gel. For extra polish, I finish with a little concealer on the brow bones to open the eyes up and give the brows a lift (Half a shade to a shade lighter than your complexion is perfect). It takes one minute, you look great all day, and honestly you will feel like you pulled it all together.