How to Get Luscious Red Carpet Lips


Many women with darker skin shy away from bold lips but there is a wild and wonderful world of colors out there no matter how bold you’re willing to go. Wearing lipstick is all about confidence, as silly as it sounds, and while you may think the girl at the gym wearing bright red lips is insane, she’s walking (or running) with her head held high. Red carpet lips don’t have to be for A-list starlets and movie stars, every day is an opportunity for luscious red carpet lips.


‘Nude’ and Spice Tones

Women with darker skin tones have the luxury of being able to choose from a wider range of colors. Brown and gold tones can look muddy on lighter skin but are perfect for women with medium to dark skin tones. Try to find your shade of nude and it will become your favorite lipstick. Nude isn't one color, but the color that suits you best. Also, don’t forget the range of spice tones out there. Try to find a brown with a hint of orange or red and wear it matte for a polished daytime look or glossy for extra drama at night. 

Reds and Oranges

Working with reds and oranges is harder than you think, because it really depends on your undertones. Women with red or pink undertones should steer away from drawing more attention to the redness of their skin by sticking to blue and violet toned reds. If you’re nervous about orange and red tones, try a colored gloss as a stepping stone. If you’re uncomfortable with a bright color, it will show and a sheer gloss is the best of both worlds.

Purples and Pinks

Lipstick is supposed to be playful and there’s nothing more fun and girly than bright pink lipstick. If you’re not keen on the dramatic contrast, look for plum and wine shades which will make you look polished and add drama to any look.

Images: Imaxtree