10 Delicious Guilt-Free Snacks

Given that I work from home, I don't tend to stop for breakfast or lunch unless I have a work-related meeting. Instead, for better or worse, I snack throughout the day whilst typing away at my computer (and the evidence is all over my once pristine white keyboard). While I do have days where I succumb to the temptations of potato chips and Milka chocolate, my energy wanes too much if I don't reach for more healthful options. I've tried dozens (hundreds?) of different snacks to go along with my fruits, veggies, and grains. Many of my favorites are raw-vegan, and while that may scare those averse to the joys of green juice and hempseed bars, trust that there are some truly fantastic options that won't have you missing Doritos. To boot, as One Lucky Duck's operations manager, Karen McDermott, highlighted when I spoke with her recently, "Eating raw snacks is awesome because you can snack all you want and not worry about all of the 'extra' bad things that are usually hidden in snack foods. Raw foods are so nutritionally dense they satisfy much more than regular snacks, which usually contain lots of artificial fillers."

To that end, here are 10 of the best guilt-free snacks, all of which are high fiber and protein, while being low in sodium and fat and free of fillers and unpronounceable ingredients concocted in a lab. Munch away…