21 Questions With…Celebrity Trainer Joey Gonzalez

Joey Gonzalez Barry's Bootcamp

Arguably the most time effective workout – not to mention a great mental detox for stressed-out neurotic types (trust me, I would know…) – Barry's Bootcamp has fast become one of the most popular boutique fitness studios in workout capitals like Los Angeles and New York.

Here, co-president and COO Joey Gonzalez answers our 21 questions.

1.  When I'm planning out a class I'm about to teach I always think…how can I get these people as ripped as possible in one hour while making it fun and fly by?

2.  When I select my workout music I…focus most on what the treadmill group is doing. The right part of a good song makes all the difference when you're hitting those sprints.

3.  To avoid sweat-induced breakouts I…used to have to wash my face focusing on areas of the path of sweat (down the temples and jaw), but luckily I don't break out anymore.

4.  I never workout without my…towel and water.

5.  You'd never catch me wearing..long sleeves or pants while I work out.

6.  If you looked in my gym bag you'd find…four pairs of ear phones, gloves, balega running socks, and at least two or three Barry's Bootcamp tank tops. 

7.  My favorite pair of sneakers are…typically Mizuno. But right now I'm testing Newtons. It's the new model designed to encourage a mid-foot strike. It's like learning to walk all over again.

8.  I fuel for my workouts with…usually a Simply Peanut Butter protein shake with creatine and L glutamine from the Fuel Bar at Barry's Bootcamp.

9.  In between teaching classes you'll find me…taking class. The best Barry's Bootcamp teachers are the ones you see taking class. I also work all day long on our expansion so the majority of my day is spent handling all the administrative duties. 

10. When I'm not working out I wear…John Varvatos, Rag & Bone, Blue & Cream, and loving Drykorn.

11. When I'm teaching, I'm most impressed by a student who…can lift as well as they run.  Students always seem to be good at one or the other, but when you see someone who runs like a champ and lifts like a champ, instant turn on.

12. When I'm feeling unmotivated to work out I…work out. I always say that's the most important time to work out.

13. My guilty food pleasure is…chicken nachos, which you know if you've spent five minutes with me.

14. On a typical Saturday night I'm…lately, at some party in the Hamptons looking at my watch counting how many hours of sleep I'll get before I teach the next morning.

15. My favorite thing to do when I want to relax is…get a massage. Some of my happiest moments are getting rubbed down.

16. The most intense Bootcampers are…in insane shape. It's one of those workouts that is impossible to do regularly and not get in sick shape. 

17. My favorite healthy snacks are…protein shake, apple and peanut butter.

18. When looking for instructors to add to the Barry's family, the qualities I most look for are…someone who inspires me and is a team player. I've learned over the years that no talent is worth compromising the balance of a strong team. 

19. My favorite fitness apparel brands are…I love what Splits 59 does and I'm waiting for a men's line. 

20. I always tell people who are intimated by Barry's Bootcamp…the scariest thing about Barry's Bootcamp is the name. In a way, it's nice to be a bit intimidating because the people walking through that door are ready to work.

21. The number of sneakers I own…three.