Get in Shape Anytime, Anywhere With These Expert Tips

Staying in shape isn’t easy – especially if you have a job that keeps you tied to a desk for most of the week. Luckily, accountant turned celebrity trainer and Barry’s Bootcamp pro, Noah Neiman, knows a little something about keeping fit no matter your surroundings.

Neiman singles out the stairwell as a great place to work in a quick workout because it offers a somewhat private area for some mid-day pushups, stair runs, and squats. He also suggests maximizing your lunch break by picking a spot a few blocks away and sprinting there, walking notes, emails, memos, etc. to your peers, and replacing your chair with a more unconventional piece of equipment like an upright stationary bike, a bosu stability ball, or better yet, opting for a standing desk.

For those willing to take it one step further, there are plenty of moves you can do right by your desk using nothing but your body weight and a chair. See below as Neiman demonstrates some of the most effective ones.

[Note: all of these moves should be done wearing sneakers or barefoot and make sure that you're not using a chair with wheels.]

Photos by Sharon Feiereisen