The Future of Beauty: 6 New Trends on the Horizon

Blow dry bars and Botox parties may have been all the rage in the past, but now there’s even crazier, cooler and more exciting new trends starting to pop up. Here are 6 we have a sneaking suspicion are about to take the beauty world by storm.

Assembly Salon

1. Hair Extension Bars

Great news for city girls who can’t live without their faux hair! Just Extensions Salon, the very first, full-service hair extensions bar in Los Angeles, opened its doors the other day to offer customers — you guessed it — nothing but hair extensions! Cutting application time in half (and prices too), we predict that long hair lovers will make sure that this trend is one that picks up momentum and quick.

2. Scientific Color Matching Technology

Sephora + Pantone’s groundbreaking COLOR IQ technology takes color matching to a whole different level. Free for shoppers to use in select Sephora stores across the country, this scientific beauty device scans the surface of your skin, assigning it an official SkinTone number which you can then enter into their system to find all your makeup matches. Over time, you’ll be seeing this technology in more and more Sephora stores. Thank goodness, because we were getting real sick of buying the wrong foundation.

3. Ponytail and Braid Bars

Hasta la vista blow dry bars! Okay, let’s be real, those aren’t actually going anywhere. However, whether you’re a girl about town or simply a girl trying to look hot for prom, LA’s first ponytail and braid bar did open up just last month. Assembly Salon specializes in creating red carpet looks. Choose from an array of street style, runway and celebrity-inspired ‘dos or request your own. And hey, while you’re there, you can even get your makeup and nails done too. 

4. Gemstone Blowouts

We really have no idea if Gemstone Blowouts will become “a thing” yet. Nonetheless, the mere name alone was enough to intrigue us! Sine Qua Non Salons in Chicago recently introduced this signature service as a blowout boost. In a nutshell, it uses a balm containing a rare gemstone mixture of pearl, Brazilian green malachite, tourmaline and sapphire powders to loosen up your hair’s natural waves and smooth out frizz. Sounds good to us!

5. Botox Only Beauty Spots

With non-invasive cosmetic surgery on the rise, it’s no surprise that renowned dermatologist Dr. Vicki Rapaport decided to launch Los Angeles’ first ever walk-in only Botox beauty bar. SKN BAR does exactly what its name suggests, allowing women to have a little work done on their lunch break or last minute sans an appointment. We can certainly see more of these springing up around this city and in other big cities nationwide.

6. “Glow and Tell” Parties

It’s no secret that IPL technology is a rising trend in hair removal. The folks over at a Denver-based health, beauty and skincare provider m.pulse are certainly stepping things up a notch by throwing “Glow and Tell” parties. Basically, these parties are perfect for a group of 6-8 friends and kick off with signature cocktails served in a fabulously fun social environment, followed by a photo-rejuvenation treatment for each person. Could “Glow and Tell” parties replace Botox parties? Who knows! Only time will tell…