If you’re a militant feminist it’s probably best to stop reading now, because the information that I am about to impart may cause a little grinding of teeth and mutterings along the lines of “one step forward, two steps back” variety.  For a business in Florida, presumably working under the assumption that the Cash for Clunkers scheme was aimed at the ‘boys’, decided to create a similar plan under more stereotypically ‘girly’ lines and called it “

Money for Make Up”.

The concept is simple, if not more than a little sexist.  Ladies can trade in any old and used lipsticks and nail polishes they have lurking in the bathroom cabinets and receive two dollars towards the purchase of a new one.  According to a spokesman, "This is a new way for women to experience the new colors we have for the winter".

As the economy continues to have issues, the idea of a sale or a rebate is not an unwelcome one but, as is the way with most cosmetics, packaging is everything.