Build a Better Beauty Routine Using Pinterest

Covergirl on Pinterest


Forget saving online bookmarks, tearing apart issues of your favorite glossy magazine and watching countless beauty vloggers on YouTube babble on about clip-in hair extensions, if you're in search of the perfect pretty-me products for your beauty routine, there's no better place than Pinterest. Beauty fanatics will delight in the selection of visual content and virtual imagery they can add to their online bulletin boards (all the while perusing for a French twist chignon for an upcoming art gallery opening). As addictive as movie theater popcorn or Kim K bump-watching, Pinterest has become the resource for leading beauty gurus to share top tips, tricks and techniques. No one can escape the perks of Pinterest: pretty pictures, great links and tons of fresh content. 

Don't be intimidated by the mechanics, Pinterest is super simple to use. Board building is the opportunity to get creative; from nail art to wedding hairstyles, you can create any number of boards and fill them to the brim with photos. Here's how to build your beauty routine.

Expand Your Search Terms, But Be Specific

If your goal is to check out some pinspiration for new highlights, try the following like-minded words (you'll want to include the word 'hair' in your query along with the style and color you have in mind for narrowed results): ombre (brown hair)/lowlights (layered blonde hair)/beachy blonde (hair)/hair color/hairstyle highlights. To DIY, be sure to include the words 'home' or 'at home' or 'DIY' or 'money saving' followed by your hair terms.


Search out brand name companies, celebrities and publications to find the top beauty videos and advice. Here's a small sampling of beauty boards (and the accompanying pinners) to get started revamping your beauty routine.

Follow the Beauty Superstars

Lastly, find your beauty icons (i.e. Bobbi Brown or Lauren Conrad) and see who they're following and their board management style and scheme. Emulate their board titles, organization or themes and  check out their followers and which names they're following. Then, go ahead and pin yourself pretty.