4 Weird Beauty Products Worth Trying

If you’ve ever spent time watching TV in the dead of night, you’ve been tempted to buy some pretty weird stuff. Honestly, who couldn’t use a special wrinkle-fighting machine for the bargain price of $9.99 plus extra CDs? Special creams and as-seen-on-TV products look amazing, but most of us just don’t have the kind of money to test those out.

The truth of the matter is, when it comes to trying a new product, we go with the brands we’ve heard of a million times before. But—with the intention of finding some new favorites—we tested a few quirkier beauty products out there. Here are four we thought were worth trying. 

Lindo Twist-N-Roll Tweezers

Lindo Twist-N-Roll Tweezers

Lindo Twist-N-Roll Tweezers

For women who battle sensitive skin, this product ($15, might just save you from ever needing a facial wax again. Admittedly, it’s a weird looking contraption (see picture right), but it does the job well, which is to remove facial hair with a “twist” motion of the metal—kind of like a magnet for your hair.

But be warned: although this product will eliminate your ‘stache, it hurts just as much as a wax. The only difference is that you’re not applying an extra potion to your face, for which your skin will thank you.

Pillow Jammie

Ever given your locks an overnight treatment just to find your beautiful linens destroyed with coconut oil in the morning? That’s where a Pillow Jammie ($29, comes in. This must-have pillowcase is made of an absorbent microfiber towel fabric with a waterproof and stain-resistant liner to save your sheets from product damage. So whether you’re using it to air-dry your hair or prevent makeup from damaging your Egyptian cotton, you and your sheets will wake up looking gorgeous.


Pillow Jammie

Baby Sage Baby Foot

Baby Sage Baby Foot ($25, is a deep exfoliating cream designed to rid feet of all your dead skin cells, not just the surface layer that comes off with a pumice stone. Some of us have up to 80 layers of accumulated dead skin on our feet, Baby Sage says.

After you’ve applied the gel-filled booties, which contain 17 different natural extracts that penetrate the dead skin cells and dissolve the Desmosomes (adhesive fibers) that are between those layers, your feet will peel intensely for about 2-4 days. While the waiting time can be a little gross and flakey, the silky-smooth result makes it totally worth it. This is one of the best things your can do for your feet moving into sandal season!

GoSwype Microfiber Cleaning Cloths


Though not considered a traditional beauty product, this cleaning cloth ($2, is just that and more. Did you know that cell phones have as much bacteria on the surface as a subway pole? Now think about how often that touches your face. Yuck.

If you’ve been suffering from mysterious pimples along the side of your cheeks, your phone is a very likely culprit. These cleaning cloths are designed to wipe down your touchscreen phone, removing dirt, oil, grime, fingerprints and up to 98 percent of germs and bacteria. The result is a cleaner phone and cleaner skin—and the cute designs don’t hurt either.

What are some of your favorite quirky beauty products? Tell us in the comments!