Beauty Buys for Skeptics: The Love List

Cosmetics and beauty is a $170 billion a year global industry which sometimes seems more preoccupied with creating a need than with creating products we need. Or at least, that’s how some skeptics see it. Spoiler: I am a skeptic. 

I find shopping for beauty and cosmetics overwhelming, pricy and disappointing. Most of the time, I come home feeling like a chump for spending upwards of $15 per item on scented chemicals that’ll make me look no different than how I usually look, except covered in chemicals. (I wasn’t kidding when I said I was a skeptic.) But this isn’t a lecture on how you should stop buying cosmetics, this is a shopping roundup (haha!) for beauty items that come with a Product Grinch Supremo stamp of approval. (I am the Product Grinch Supremo.) 

Believe it or not, there are some products which live up to their promise, which are worth their price tag. The six below are all in my regular rotation. It’s a highly personal selection — this is the Love List, not the Mass Appeal List — so I can’t predict how well you’ll respond to them.