Summer’s Here! How to Treat Your Hair Right

Emporio Armani Spring 2013, IMAXtree

Emporio Armani Spring 2013, IMAXtree

Summer has long been one of our fave times of the year, but the hair problems that come along with it? Yeah, not so much. Between greasy hair, chlorine-ridden locks and stubborn strands, the summer poses a number of unique hair issues that we have to tackle. Lucky for you, Justine Piecuch, stylist at Boston's renowned Jeffrey Lyle Salon, is sharing her summer hair tips for keeping your locks luscious all season long. It can be done, trust us!

Know your issues

If you go into the summer months knowing a few of the hair woes you're about to encounter, you'll be better prepared to tackle them once they arrive. So what issues can our hair look forward to this season? The main three are frizz, color fading and dryness, Piecuch says. And it turns out they all have a common cause: a lack of protection.

"Make sure your summer products have some type of hair SPF in them," she says. "To help fight frizz and dryness, try doing a deep conditioning treatment once or twice per week depending on how much sun and environmental exposure you have. Well-nourished hair will calm lots of frizz."

Consider cutting your hair 

We're all for new and exciting styles, but will a new look actually help you cope with some of the hair issues you'll face this summer? It certainly won't hurt, says Piecuch.

"Haircuts can always help maintain things. Go into the summer armed and ready for anything. In other words, get that cut you've been putting off to clear away those broken ends before summer starts. It will help avoid lots of further damage."

And for all the curly girls out there, let your locks grow a bit. Piecuch says doing so can often help decrease unwanted volume.

Watch the water 

What about swimming? What can you do to keep your hair healthy while you’re swimming in chlorine-filled pools and salty oceans? Protect, protect, protect. As Piecuch explained, chlorine is a bleach, and not the good kind that turns you into a gorgeous blonde. Too much exposure to chlorine can damage your locks, so it's important to protect locks before swimming. "Keep a spray bottle with you filled with some water and conditioner. When the hair is already wet, it makes it a bit tougher to absorb a lot more water and chlorine," Piecuch says. 

And after you hit the pool, make sure to shower with a good cleansing shampoo. That'll help clean out any nasty chlorine! 

Get creative with your styling 

The temps outside are hot, and so are the tools you use to style your hair every day. With all the abuse your hair takes during the hot months, does that mean you should lay off the hot tools? Piecuch says heated tools aren't necessarily bad for your hair during the summer, they're more so a waste of your time: "We all know what happens once we sweat or hit the humidity — that amazing blowout goes to a complete mess."

Get around the problem by getting a little creative with your styling. Braids, for instance, can be a huge savior. Another trick? Try out different creams, gels or mousses to find out what works best on your hair, and learn to embrace your natural texture.