Little Fixes for Big Beauty Emergencies

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image: Getty

What do you do when you feel a zit coming on in the middle of the day, or realize while on a date that you forgot to wear deodorant? What about when you've snagged a nail without your portable mani kit around? These are just a few examples of beauty emergencies that can have serious consequences for your mood. Never fear! Learn these simple fixes for unexpected beauty issues and you'll never be caught feeling less than gorgeous again.

Flaking Polish Problem

There's possibly nothing more annoying than looking down and seeing the first signs (or the last) of flaking polish. Unless you opt for a more expensive gel manicure, flaking after only a few days is often inevitable. How can you fix it fast before that big meeting or lunch date? Make sure you have one of the following on hand: glitter polish or stick on polish strips. Understandably, glitter polish isn't appropriate for all occasions, but its texture can quickly mask flakes. The strips, however, require zero drying time and are easily trimmed. You'll be glad you have them on hand! 

Low on Lipstick

You meant to get to Sephora and restock, but it was one of the many things you just happened to forget to do this week. No worries. Dab your lips with cream or powder blush instead. Typical blush colors match up really well with the natural color of lips. They create a natural effect that may not be your favorite color, but will do to emphasize your kisser in a pinch!

Gray Hair Cover Up

It's true that some will recommend mascara for this job, but there are actually root touchup products out there for grays such as Tween-Time ($7) and Alterna Stylist 2 Minute Root Coverup ($24). If you insist on getting your color at the salon, these are good to have on hand during times when life requires you to push back your appointment.

Rough Cuticles

Nothing makes a pair of nails that would otherwise look fine look messed up than dry cuticles. The dry skin becomes hard and starts to lift from the nail, giving that telltale sign that you haven't had a chance to do a mani for a little while. Bummer. Fix it with any oil you can get your hands on, or lotion. One of my favorite ways to fix them is by emptying the contents of a Vitamin E capsule. These capsules are ultra easy to carry and store wherever you go, and don't go bad.

Rainy Day Frizz

Picked the wrong weather day to wear your locks au naturale? Again, not a problem. Regular old hand lotion, used sparingly, will tame fly-aways. So will a small bottle of any number of serums you can buy at the drugstore and keep around, but those only have one purpose, whereas the lotion has many. 

Zit Be Gone

By about age 17, a girl can tell when a doozy of a zit is coming her way. There's redness, maybe an itch or tingle, or even pain when she touches a small area of her face. If you can find an ice cube and a lemon or lemon juice nearby, you may be able to prevent the blemish from breaking through. Rub the cube on it, to take down swelling. Then dab on lemon juice; its astringent properties will dry out the problem. (Just don't expose the area to the sun as lemon juice can cause discoloration.)

Oops, Forgot Deodorant!

Here's another little issue that a lemon will fix right up. If you've gotten to work and realized you forgot deodorant that morning, rubbing a cut lemon or dabbing lemon juice under your arms will prevent odor. Just be careful you don't have any open cuts or nicks from the razor under those arms! Ouch.

Greasy Summer Bangs and Roots

Left your big can of dry shampoo at home? Prefer to keep it there? Buy a mini bottle of hairspray or fill up a mini travel size bottle and use it when you've noticed that a couple days without washing your hair is making it look a little too shiny. The alcohol in hairspray will absorb extra oil.