6 Tips for Pretty Sandal-Ready Feet

images: imaxtree

images: imaxtree

With the dog days of summer comes the absolute necessity to lay your flats and sneaks aside for flip flops and sandals. Keeping your tootsies cool when it's 90 degrees out becomes a requirement, we know. The only problem: you might need some help in keeping your feet pretty for those repeating sandal days. A good looking foot requires more than a simple polished pedi. What to do? Follow this advice below and get your feet ready for the best end-of-summer bashes they (and you) have had yet. 

Odor Be Gone

If you've been alternating between full coverage and baring it all during warmer weather, you might have some foot odor to get rid of before you go all-out sandal. Sure, wearing sandals will help air flow, but those first few days odors can linger. Feel free to coat the bottom of your foot with talc (baby) powder, or your deodorant. Cornstarch works too. If you've been wearing the same pair of closed shoes over and over, you're at higher risk. This actually gives you a good reason to shop your closet and switch up your office shoe choices. 

Keep 'Em Clean

Athlete's foot actually has nothing to do with athletes. I know, I thought I could never get it based on that misconception alone. It's a fungus that spreads in wet, closed spaces like locker rooms and pool changing rooms. Nice. Keep your feet clean each and every day. Warm water and soap keeps the fungus, the podiatrist (and other gross things) away. Plus a foot soak feels lovely. 

Skin is In

Keeping your skin soft and free from excessive dryness or obvious cracking means you've got to care for it. Heels don't moisturize and exfoliate themselves. In spite of all kinds of gimmicky products out there to remove dead skin from your feet and keep them soft, a simple pumice stone and lotion made for feet will do you. This way you'll ensure you're getting the extra moisture the soles of your feet need, and that you're not taking off too much skin that could cause more damage in the long run. 

Don't Discount Comfort

Too many uncomfortable or ill-fitting shoes too much of the time will cause bone, muscle and outward deformities. Not pretty. While I don't recommend switching to orthopedic kicks, throw out the pair that are a half-size too small you bought on super sale. Seriously. Let your feet rest, soak them in Epsom salts and warm water to give them a break. Wear flip flops or an otherwise comfy pair on your day off. Your feet will thank you and look much better for it in the long run. 

A Strong Foot is a Pretty Foot

Ever thought about exercising your feet? Really. Keeping the muscles strong keeps your walk healthy and sure, and mitigates injury that can affect how they look. Quick exercise: Fold a piece of cloth or towel and use your toes to pull its edge toward you and then away for several reps. Repeat a few times per week to keep your feet going strong. 

Get the Pedi

Okay, now that you've earned having your feet pampered by someone else, absolutely get a pedicure and get those nails clipped, filed and looking pretty. Avoid bright colors if you don't plan on renewing your pedicure weekly. A pretty sand, light pink or nude color will allow you to go longer in between paint jobs.