Beauty Foods: Eat Your Way to Gorgeous, Young-Looking Skin

A beautiful girl drinking cucumber water

image: GETTY

There may be debate as to the degree, but there's no question that a large part of the health of our skin is a reflection of our diet. If you're consistently consuming fatty, sugary and processed foods, your skin will, in all likelihood, be inflamed and uneven in texture. For healthy, glowing skin, consider adding these nourishing beauty foods to your diet.

  1. Chia seeds: While flax seeds have been getting a lot of attention, chia seeds actually have the most Omega-3s out of all plant-based sources. Omega-3s are essential fatty acids that are key for keeping skin hydrated because they work to repair the protective barrier that keeps moisture locked in. The Chia Company makes a number of great chia and chia-based products.
  2. Salmon: A potent non-vegetarian source of Omega-3s is salmon — ideally, wild salmon. It's considered one of the healthiest sources of protein and its Omega-3s will work to keep skin inflammation at bay.
  3. Antioxidant-rich foods: Fruits and spices (especially cinnamon and ginger) are high in the antioxidants necessary to maintain youthful skin since they help fight the free-radical damage that leads to fine lines, wrinkles, uneven tone and loss of firmness.
  4. Leafy greens: Greens like kale, watercress, swiss chard and spinach are high in Vitamin A, which has been shown to help lower the production of oil that causes breakouts.
  5. Lemons: High in Vitamin C, lemons help support collagen production. Drink hot water with lemon first thing in the morning to help flush out toxins and help keep skin hydrated.
  6. Nuts and pumpkin seeds: Most nuts and pumpkin seeds are high in Biotin, which is the active found in most hair, nail and skin supplements.
  7. Non-dairy yogurt: The probiotics found in yogurt help promote a healthy gut — key for optimal digestion. When the digestive system isn't working properly, our body has little energy left over for other critical functions like rebuilding collagen. That said, research has shown that dairy can cause acne, so it's best to stick with non-dairy yogurts that are high in probiotics like So Delicious.
  8. Cucumbers: High in water, a key for healthy skin.
  9. Green tea: A number of studies have shown that green tea can help fight the signs of aging, while helping to tame inflammation.
  10. Pears: High in B vitamins, eating pears will help fight free radicals and keep blood flow healthy, two critical contributors to youthful skin.