Back to School Makeup Tips from Covergirl Becky G



Back to school and the fall season is rapidly approaching. Can you believe it? As sad as we are to see the summer go away, we're pretty excited to test out some new fall makeup looks. We got the latest COVERGIRLBecky G, an accomplished singer, songwriter and rapper, to share her top tips for switching up your fall makeup routine. 

theFashionSpot: Back to school is right around the corner but we still have some time to plan the perfect back to school (or if you're out of school, just do it for fun!) makeup look. What's a makeup look that's sure to impress? 

Becky G: I am all about an edgy eye right now, and I love eyeliner! I never go anywhere without it. COVERGIRL has this Ink It! By Perfect Point Plus – bold and brilliant and lasts all day without fading or creasing – perfect for a great nighttime look, and can also be toned down for daytime.

tFS: What's your best piece of advice for school makeup? 

BG: My best advice is always “keep it real.” Beauty is all about how you work it, own it, love it! If edgy isn’t your thing, go for something more natural and vice versa. I love experimenting with different looks but at the end of the day, it has to feel authentically “me.”

tFS: What are your top three makeup essentials? 

BG: Right now, it’s all about voluminous lashes and Flamed Out Mascara is my favorite. You get this really cool winged-out lash look with max volume. I also love rocking a bold nail! COVERGIRL Outlast Stay Brilliant Nail Gloss has a built-in top coat and can last up to one week. Last but not least, the new Olay Fresh Effects Exfoliating Cleanser is great for beautifully fresh, healthy looking skin.

tFS: You're very vocal about being proud of your heritage. Who are a few of your Latino beauty role models that you look up to? 

BG: I am very proud of where I come from, my heritage and my roots. Sofia Vergara, a fellow COVERGIRL, is someone I look up to as she embodies such a strong sense of beauty – inside and out – which makes her unstoppable and strong. Selena Quintanilla was a big role model for me too, and also Shakira. Both very strong and powerful Latina women.

tFS: What fall makeup trends are you most looking forward to? 

BG: For fall, I am loving the rebel rocker look — bold shadows for a pop of color and amazing lash volume. I also think a really natural look is nice for casual days – just a base of simple foundation and a touch of blush or bronzer on the cheeks. A natural look can be really beautiful. 

tFS: Any other makeup tips? 

BG: I always start with a “blank canvas” face which includes face lotion, primer, foundation and powder. Once all that is done, then I work in color options depending on what I’m wearing [and] how I’m feeling that day. I like to play around with eye shadows, liners, blush and lip color. 

Another big tip would be to wet your foundation sponge before applying the foundation. This way it doesn't soak up all the foundation and you don't run out of it so fast!