Trish McEvoy: 10 Things I Can’t Live Without


Renowned makeup artist, cosmetics innovator and our Guest Editor this month, Trish McEvoy, shares with us 10 things that make her world go round.

  1. iPhone & iPad: I stay in touch with my husband when I'm on the road, communicate, do research, Skype with my team, enjoy my music, read e-books…the list goes on—these two devices are my right and left hands!

  2. Rag & Bone Jeans: Always ultra-flattering, stylish and comfortable.

  3. My Makeup Planner with everything in it for my 8 makeup steps.

  4. Vince Hooded Shearling Coat: I love the way drapey pieces like this conform to the body. It's so warm, cozy and effortless. 

  5. Large flower clip-on earrings: They instantly dress up any look.

  6. Fluffy bathrobe: A luxurious comforting essential.

  7. Starbucks: I love the flavor of Starbucks coffee drinks and how you can always depend on the consistency of their product, service and the feel the shops.

  8. Professional blowouts, Harry Josh Pro Tools Pry Dryer 2000 and hot rollers: Whether I go to a salon or do it myself, a great blowout is essential for me to stay looking pulled together through long, often travel-filled days.

  9. Manicures: My hands are often seen in close-ups so I have to keep my nails well-groomed. I love Deborah Lippman nail polish.

  10. My skincare routine and treatments at my Skin Care Center. As I always say, "Beauty begins with great-looking skin," so first and foremost, I make sure my skin is in good shape—everything else follows.