Beauty Report: Low-Maintenance Looks at Louis Vuitton

Vuitton pfw

A lot has been said about 'your lips/skin/eyes but better' colors. It's said to be the holy grail of no-makeup makeup and we think the team at Louis Vuitton has just about nailed it. The anticipation surrounding this show was so much that few people were counting on a game-changing beauty look, the collection was excitement enough, but from the moment we saw this low-maintenance look, we were hooked. It is all about seemingly bare faced girls with just enough makeup on to enhance without drawing attention to it. Case in point, on first glance this model looks like she has the most beautiful peachy-pink lips until you think, wait, does anyone really have that color lips? It's that uncertainty that makes this look such a raving success. Now, excuse us while we go try to make it look like we're not wearing any makeup. 

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