12 Summer Blushes for Every Skin Tone


The summer sun has hopefully started to give you a natural flush, but sometimes, even after you've soaked up enough UV rays, you still need a little help from the makeup gods. We've got a crop of summery blushes that will complement every skin tone, for those times you want to add a bright boost to your makeup look. But before you start browsing, here are a couple of rules to keep in mind.

If you're fair-skinned

Look for blushes in pale pink or peachy colors. You want to find something with a sheer formula, or even a product with buildable color. Uber saturated colors can skew harsh on pale complexions, so be careful.

If you've got a medium skin tone

Medium pinks, corals and mauves are your friends if you've got more of a medium-toned complexion. Because your skin isn't as pale, your cheeks can take a bit more saturated color. 

If you've got a deep skin tone

Strong, bright colors work for you, particularly orange, red, coral, plum and berry tones. Products with saturated, buildable color are perfect for you. Rich browns also work as a good blush color for women with deep tones, since they bring a lovely, bronzed and sun-kissed effect.

Now that you know the basics, it's time to shop. Click through for 12 blushes perfect for your skin tone.