Frankie Payne: The 3 Biggest Hair Mistakes Women Make

Frankie Payne

When it comes to Hollywood hair, no man is more synonymous with style than Frankie Payne. The Los Angeles native has been creating iconic looks for some of the biggest names in show business and fashion for over two decades. Let’s name drop, shall we?

  • Photographers: Herb Ritts, David LaChapelle, Bruce Weber and Matthew Rolston
  • Celebs: Brad Pitt, Salma Hayek, Justin Timberlake, Ben Affleck and Katie Holmes
  • Musicians: The Black Eyed Peas, The Pussycat Dolls, Aerosmith and Lenny Kravitz
  • Magazines: Vogue, Elle, W, InStyle, Marie Claire and Harper’s Bazaar

Frankie has worked with them all. I caught up with the industry veteran to learn more about his favorite products, his favorite clients and the biggest beauty mistakes never to make at home.

Julie Bensman: Give me a typical day in the life of Frankie Payne.

Frankie Payne: Working! When I’m not styling hair for a shoot or an event, I schedule haircut appointments at my home salon. When I have time, I like to start my day by going on a run or lifting weights at the gym. My favorite thing right now is fresh pressed juice that I make at home. It gives me lots of energy and is a great way to start every day.

JB: If you could do hair for one celebrity for the rest of time, who would it be?

FP: I would have to choose Lady Gaga (sorry, Madonna!). Gaga is so interesting in the way she’s constantly reinventing herself, especially her hairstyles. I’ve always been drawn to working with music artists. They love to take risks.

JB: What do you think are the biggest mistakes women make with their hair?


  1. Using at-home hair color. Unless you’re a professional, this can be a bad idea. Picking the right shade isn’t as easy as it looks, and certain color can damage your hair and create uneven shades.
  2. Cutting your own bangs. It’s very easy to cut them too short or too wide, so see your hairdresser! They can usually squeeze you in between appointments. Just give them a nice tip.
  3. Over-washing hair is another no-no. It strips essential oils. Day-old hair styles better and looks better, too. Try a dry shampoo in-between washings. You’ll thank me later!

JB: What are the top three hair products that should be in every woman’s cabinet?

FP: Orlando Pita Revive Instant Boost Dry Shampoo, Philip B Crème Of The Crop Hair Finishing Crème and Number 4 Mighty Hair Spray.

JB: What are the biggest hair trends we’ll be seeing for Fall 2014?

FP: Minimalistic cuts, punk looks and two-toned hair color. If you’re thinking about cutting off your long hair, now is the time to do it (think Kristen Stewart or Charlize Theron). If short hair doesn’t suit you, maybe some sexy bangs will give you the change you need. A choppy, shoulder-length bob is one of my favorite cuts: edgy, sexy and modern!

JB: What advice would you give to an aspiring stylist looking to follow your career path?

FP: Network as much as possible. Work for free to learn about the business, make connections and perfect your craft. Enjoy the process and always have a great attitude. Social media wasn’t around when I started, but has become an important tool — so stay current. Learn about fashion history. Watch old films and use the Internet. Know who the major style icons are. Do your homework and practice as much as you can when you’re free. Remember: the more tricks you have up your sleeve, the more you are going to work.