Kristin Cavallari: My Get-Ready-Quick Beauty Routine

Image: Getty Images

Image: Getty Images

Needless to say, as a mom of two, a TV host, and jewelry and shoe designer, things usually get very busy. It’s not a bad thing — I love my job, and I love being a wife and mother taking care of my family. But sometimes, I just don’t have the time to carefully and methodically get ready. It’s often a “get yourself together and dash out the door” type deal. 

But just because I’m in a rush doesn’t mean I don’t care how I look when I leave the house. I try to stick to a fast, simple routine to have me looking presentable, fresh and effortless when I step out. 

I start with Revision’s Intellishade tinted moisturizer, fill in my brows, put on a little mascara and a little blush. If my hair is flat or not feeling up to par, I use a dry shampoo, flip my head over, tousle my hair and then flip it back. That gives my mane instant volume that lasts through the day. I top it all off by squirting on a little perfume and I’m good to go. Confession: I’ve been wearing the same perfume since I was 16 — Michael by Michael Kors. What can I say, when I find something I like, I stick to it!

Eyebrows are one of the most important parts of my get-ready-quick routine. I’ve pretty much got filling them in down to a science because I do it all the time. In fact, I think it looks kind of weird when my brows aren’t filled in, but that could just be me!

Since eyebrows frame your face, they can completely change what you look like depending on their shape. For brows, I’m more of a pencil girl than a powder girl. I have a Chanel eyebrow pencil that I love. I put it on really lightly, so you’re never able to really tell that I had a little help from Kaiser Karl’s beauty team. 

And with that, I’m ready to go!