Summer Nail Trends

I didn’t think the nail gel trend could get any larger, but…it keeps growing! Everyone wants gel nails. Just about every popular brand provides gel nail polishes and while I was totally not okay, with this…what can I say? The trend is finally growing on me. For one thing, gel nail polishes tend to last a lot longer than traditional nail polishes. This rocks my world in so many ways because yaaaay! I don’t have to worry about my nails chipping when I am out of town and don’t have the time to remove the polish.

I’ve trend over a dozen of brands that say they’ve got the best gel nail polish, and I don’t know, girls…sometimes I think brands that you can purchase at Walmart do it better. Take Revlon’s Gel Envy ColorStay nail polish.


This baby doesn’t move. I’m not even kidding. I can achieve an opaque finish with only 2 coats and the polish will last and last and last.

Oh! And I love the shine that this polish provides. Most nail polishes do okay on the shine front but many brands fail at keeping the nails shiny for days at a time. You usually have to apply a top coat and even then, the shine gets a bit dull after awhile. So not the case with ColorStay Gel Envy. The key to these revolutionary nail polishes is that they have a base and the actual color in one bottle. What you’re left with are long-lasting nail looks and designs that shine! For that reason, I’m thinking ColorStay Gel Envy makes for a fantastic travel buddy while vacationing this summer.

Who really wants to deal with removing and reapplying nail polish on vacation? I am never surprised when my color dulls after awhile but traveling with nail polish remover isn’t only a hazard but it just adds to the bulk of luggage. With Gel Envy, these are things that you don’t have to worry about. You can polish your nails, spend hours at the beach and pool and not have to worry about your nail polish chipping or losing its vibrant shine.


I’ve been rocking the shade High Stakes these days. Yes, I know it isn’t a traditional “summer” shade and that’s why I like it! A hunter green is definitely unexpected in a season where neons, oranges, reds and pinks are more prevalent. But don’t knock it until you try it. I have been able to do some fun things with our friend High Stakes, including this fun look with white nail polish. I can never get enough of polka dots on the nails and High Stakes is a star of the show with her shine factor and funky green realness.

You can grab Gel Envy ColorStay nail polishes are Walmarts nationwide. If you plan on taking any trips this summer, I totally suggest that you check them out. Your nails will thank you, you’ll get compliments over your professional looking nails, and you won’t have to deal with nail polish remover spilling out of your cosmetic bag and onto your clothes. Not that I know from experience. Or do I?

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