Found: The 10 Best BB Creams for Oily Skin

Who doesn’t love shiny lips and hair? Oil can be a beautiful thing, but not so much when it’s front and center on your T-zone. Not a good look, we know. And just because your face is on the oily side, doesn’t mean you have to forgo makeup or cake on powder — it’s all about finding a happy medium.

You see, long before we got to EE cream in the alphabet world of beauty, there was this thing called a BB cream, which can be ideal for those who suffer from excess oil on the face. In case you don’t remember, BB creams (aka Beauty Balms or Blemish Balms) are basically overachieving tinted moisturizers. They give natural coverage and are made with added bonuses like sunscreen, primer and skin-soothing treatments – eliminating the need for a truck load of separate products. But for those with over-active sebum glands, this time-saving product can wreak havoc on complexions if chosen incorrectly. Formulations can be too heavy and cakey – clogging up pores, leading to blackheads and blemishes. But don’t worry, there are plenty of oil-balancing BB creams specifically formulated for those with oily skin.

So if you’re looking to ditch your blotting sheets and mattifying powder in favor of a beauty balm that goes beyond coverage, we’ve rounded up the best BB creams for oily skin.

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