5 Quick Beauty Tips from Miranda Kerr

Dennis Van Tine/Future Image/

Dennis Van Tine/Future Image/

Miranda Kerr knows her stuff when it comes to hair and beauty —  just take one look at the 31-year-old’s flawless skin and healthy locks to see what we mean. As the ambassador of Clear Scalp & Hair Therapy, the supermodel has shared five easy beauty tips for keeping your beauty habits in check.

Mix it up

If you’re spending the day at home or just going to a casual brunch, give your hair a break from all the products. It works for Miranda, and it might do the same for you. “Depending on my daily commitments and work schedule, my hair may be well groomed one day or totally natural the next,” Miranda says in a news release.


It’s no surprise that Miranda is one health-conscious supermodel, and it shows in her clear skin and luscious waves. “The key to great looking hair is to have a balanced diet and stay well hydrated,” she says.

Use the right products

Products can sometimes do more harm than good. Miranda would know, there’s been a lot put in her hair over the years for shoots and events. “Find a shampoo and conditioner that really nourishes the hair from root to tip,” she says. “The wrong conditioner can make it difficult to do hairstyles with a lot of volume or wave.”

Find a look that works for you

Sometimes your hair can look dull and lifeless, even though it’s not, depending on the hair style you choose. If you play around with your hair for long enough, and even ask advice from your local hairdresser, you can end up finding a do that puts your best strand forward. “I personally like simple, elegant ponytails,” Miranda says. “It’s a classic look that works for me.”

Don’t overdo the makeup

Miranda feels that a common makeup mistake women make is putting too much on. “I believe that makeup should enhance your best features not cover them.”