25 Things Only a True Beauty Addict Will Understand

rebecca minkoff spring 2015 nails


If you look forward to payday so that you can splurge on a new foundation or get that bimonthly blowout before the weekend, and have a vanity full of products you’ve never used, you may be a beauty junkie. Whether you looked at this headline and thought, “Hah, not me!” or “Guilty,” here are 25 things only a true beauty addict will understand.

  1. You have a certain loyalty to your “signature” hair and makeup products and nothing else will do.
  2. It takes about 10 products to #wakeuplikethis.
  3. Constantly schooling your friends and family on retinol and hyaluronic acid is NBD.
  4. The daily struggle of choosing between using your Beautyblender or your new Artis brush set. (They’re both just so good!)
  5. If you had to list your must-have products, it would be about 30-plus essentials.
  6. Having so many beauty box subscriptions that you just. can’t. keep. up. with trying everything.
  7. You know who Pat and Guido are by first name alone — and since you follow them on social media, you feel like you’re friends IRL.
  8. Not having your nails polished at all times is totally unacceptable, no matter what.
  9. Popping into Duane Reade for milk turns into shopping at the LOOK Boutique and $100 later…oops. 
    duane reader look boutique


  10. You’ve purchased beauty products just because the packaging is pretty.
  11. Getting really excited when a product has more than SPF 15 is a real thing.
  12. Everyone that works at your local Sephora knows you by name.
  13. If you travel abroad, you have to get those hard-to-find European or Korean beauty products.
  14. Your selection of nail polish is better than at your nail salon, so you always bring your own.
  15. You also bring your own mani/pedi tools because you don’t want to risk getting staph — plus, yours are top of the line anyway.
  16. Beauty Insiders are rookies, you are a VIB Rouge and life is great at the top. 
    sephora vib rouge welcome kit 2015


  17. Going up to strangers and asking them what lipstick they have on is not embarrassing at all.
  18. Your Instagram feed is filled with pictures of your beauty hauls, nail art manis and good hair day selfies.
  19. When you leave reviews on Sephora, you are thorough and passionate about it. You want justice for the beauty products!
  20. You are constantly preaching how important it is to wear sunscreen every day, no matter how many eye rolls you get from friends.
  21. Sunday nights are beauty nights. Enough said. #PDND
  22. You have convinced everyone in your family to buy a Clarisonic because how did life exist before this?
  23. Doing your hair and makeup to go out is more fun than actually going out.
  24. You’re constantly pinning hair and makeup ideas to try for every occasion. You never know when you’ll need to do an updo, right?
  25. There’s nothing unreasonable about a $300 moisturizer.