Backstage Beauty: A Jungle at Christian Siriano Fall 2015


Inspired by “the deep, dark and mysterious creatures from the Congo Jungle in the Central African Republic,” it was all jungle everywhere at Christian Siriano’s Fall 2015 show, including beauty. “Because of the Congo Jungle theme, we wanted to create soft, beautiful hair with texture around the face,” explained Sebastian Professional lead stylist Anthony Cole. “There’s a misty yet romantic feel to the look as though the wind naturally blew the models’ hair and it stuck to the sides of their faces.” The key product used to get the hair to adhere to the side was Sebastian Professional Liquid Steel. It created a hard texture, though, so Cole advises that it be mixed with the brand’s Microweb Fiber for anyone looking for a more fluid finish. 


For the makeup look, MAC’s Polly Osmond explains, “Tropical and animal prints with an earth tone and 70s vibe influenced the direction for this look. I’ve been working with Christian for a long time and he always has great references and is very involved in the process.” She’s quick to recognize, however, that the red eye look isn’t the easiest color to pull off in reality and suggests opting for a rusty, burgundy-like red and using lots of mascara to make the look accessible. “For the show, we really wanted the girls to look like they were actually in the jungle. We waxed their eyebrows and brushed them up in a 70s style and used Everyone’s Darling Eye and Chrome Yellow Shadows, along with Penny Arcade and Grand Canyon (not yet released). Lips were kept bare and skin was given an almost wet-like finish to mimic the effect of being in the heat.”


images: Imaxtree

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