Why You Should Never, Ever Skip Face Washing



We’ve all been guilty of skipping nightly face washing in favor of sleep and ended up with a full face of makeup the next morning. Twice-a-day face cleansing and never going to sleep with makeup on are basically the most important rules in beauty (followed by daily SPF, of course). Sure, there are cases where foregoing this simple step led to an acne miracle, but we’re not really sold. Here is why you should never, ever skip cleansing:

  1. You would never ditch a daily shower, so why bypass face washing as well? Not only does it not make sense, it’s just basic hygiene.
  2. When dirt builds up on the skin, clogged pores will ensue, leading to blackheads and breakouts.
  3. Daily cleansing not only removes makeup and debris, it helps promote skin’s hydration — and no one wants dry skin.
  4. Skin sheds about 50 million dead skin cells daily and that layer will only get thicker over time unless you cleanse!
  5. If skin is left unwashed and acne continues, it can lead to more serious cystic acne and extreme dehydration of the dermis.

So, next time you even think about hitting the pillow with makeup on, don’t. Or just take a look at what it can do to your skin and then pick up that face wash.