Courrèges Debuts Makeup with Estée Lauder This Spring



Maison de Courrèges was founded by designer André Courrèges in 1961. In 1964, the fashion house debuted its “Space Age” collection, full of fashion-forward pieces made with unconventional textiles like plastic, metal and PVC. Fifty years later, the fashion brand that basically invented the go-go boots synonymous with the 60s, is making a comeback in the form of cosmetics and teaming up with Estée Lauder.

Making its debut this month, the 13-piece limited-edition Courrèges Estée Lauder Collection draws inspiration from the infamous Courrèges mini dress, the Lauder design aesthetic and feels completely spacey and bright (just in time for spring!) in what is becoming our favorite collaboration yet.

“We have always admired Courrèges for pushing the boundaries of fashion and beauty,” says Jane Hertzmark Hudis, Global Brand President Estée Lauder in a press release. “Our makeup collaboration recognizes Courrèges’ philosophy of pop luxury – bringing a sense of surprise, fun and optimism to the world of beauty.”

The prices range from $22 to $36 and products are available on the Estée Lauder website now through June. And yes, we totally have our eyes on that mod-as-heck white liquid liner and the faux lash fringe.