12 Eyebrow Problems That Everyone Can Relate To

Eyebrows can make or break your look. Bad brows in particular are the absolute worst — and something you’d never wish on your worst enemy. A bad set of arches can not only take months of repair and endless amounts of brow products, but they’re so common that we have all had some experience with this serious fail. Heck, even celebrities aren’t immune to terrible eyebrows. Enough of our preaching, though, you have to check out this list of 12 eyebrow problems that every single one of us can relate to in one way or another. Because unless your name is Beyoncé Giselle Knowles-Carter, you can admit that you’re not perfect.

1. That moment you take a disco nap and wake up to find your brows have mysteriously transferred onto your pillow.

2. When you pencil them in and then go outside only to realize they are a totally different color than your hair.

3. Bushy brows that can’t be tamed (thanks, parents!). So you walk around like the paparazzi is after you in between waxing appointments.

4. When you walk in with Cara Delevingne perfection and ask for a “clean up” and you walk out with arches that look crazy AF.

5. Overplucked brows. Whether you’re a newbie or have just gone tweezer-crazy, take a deep breath and stop the plucking.

6. When you see grown women (and men!) with a wild and unruly unibrow. Besides wanting to give them tweezers, you just don’t understand why. Really, WHY?

7. When you accidentally give yourself tail-less brows that make you seem expressionless, a la Kanye.

8. Bleached brows. You are not Kim Kardashian, nor do you want to be. Just no.


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10. Botox brows. Yup, if your brows can barely move and make you look angry, then they’re not helping your resting bitch face situation.

11. When you realize you have spent boatloads of money trying to reach brow perfection.

12. That moment you reach the top of the mountain and can say you have #EyebrowsOnFleek. We bow down to you, oh perfect one. Show us your ways.