Meet Your New Face (and Hair) Oil Obsession: Marula Oil

With so many new and innovative beauty products that come across our desks, it’s totally refreshing when a truly all-natural gem lands. This was the case when we discovered marula oil by Marula (we’re huge fans of facial oils), and we’re dubbing it the official next big thing in oils.


Pure Marula Facial Oil, $78 at Marula

So, what makes marula different from all the other facial oils out there? For starters, it’s 60 percent richer in antioxidants than argan oil and also contains a superior level of omega fatty acids. This means your skin gets long-lasting moisturizing benefits and improved elasticity. By nature, marula oil is antimicrobial, so you won’t have to worry about clogged pores or breaking out from using it. Unlike other thick oils, this one is extremely lightweight — almost serum-like — thanks to the oleic acid it’s made with, which also helps it to penetrate deeper into the skin to allow the oil to work its magic even faster. It’s also the only beauty oil on the market that is anti-inflammatory.

Marula’s Pure Marula Facial Oil is 99 percent cold-pressed marula with no added chemicals. We caught up with Dan Hodgdon, Marula’s CEO, who gave us a behind-the-scenes breakdown of how the company makes the product. “It is only found on the very southern part of Africa in Madagascar. It comes from the kernels found in a specific fruit.” Hodgdon tells us that the kernels are in the pit which needs to be treated with care when opening, otherwise the product can easily be ruined. “We developed a process where we cold press it by hand and are able to refine it without having to heat it up, which would compromise it,” he explains.

The folks at Marula will be coming out with some hair care in May and currently have an extended collection of facial products. For now, we’ll be indulging our skin with the line’s Pure Marula Facial Oil to keep our face glowing and youthful looking.