Springtime Perfume Oils to Add to Your Collection

We’ve seen perfume oils trickle out from our favorite brands over the past few years and they’re becoming our go-to for many reasons. Standard perfumes are alcohol-based, which makes the blend of notes smell intense at first, but last only a handful of hours before completely disappearing. This is because the alcohol causes the fragrance oils to evaporate much faster than they would on their own. On the other hand, highly-concentrated, alcohol-free oil versions of your beloved signature scents are going to last much longer. 

Many fragrance oils tend to use fewer ingredients or be single-note aromas, which make them deeper and richer. They also won’t dry out the skin or cocoon you with an overpowering smell upon application. Instead, you can choose precisely where you want the scent to sit without spritzing a large surface. It’s safe to say, we’re huge fans of perfume oils and here are five options that are perfect for spring.