6 Life-Changing Tips for Women with Fine Hair



Women with fine hair know how troublesome less-than-lush locks can be. Unfortunately, easy fixes like extra mousse or using a curling iron to increase volume don’t always work out the way we imagined (most of the time these techniques end up leaving hair with volume-filled roots and flat ends). Styling thin and limp tresses takes work, and there aren’t any shortcuts. After all, we can’t fight it, so we may as well learn how to work with what we have. We talked to Hair Food celebrity stylist Rebekah Forecast, whose clients include Katy Perry, Naomi Watts and Anne Hathaway, to get her tips on working with flat, lifeless hair.

  1. Use the right products. “It’s really about the products you use and keeping hair shiny and healthy. If you have good-looking, silky hair, then it will look much better. Try the volumizing system from Hair Food that includes a shampoo, conditioner and a thickening, leave-in treatment that you blowdry into the hair and it expands the hair shaft slightly for a fuller look.”
  2. Style your hair wisely. “You don’t have to have short hair, but when you are styling hair, you don’t want to have too much volume at the top because then you can see through to the scalp and make it appear finer.”
  3. Try extensions. “Extensions around the back or the sides are a good option to give fullness to the hair in the right areas.”
  4. Keep your hair healthy. “A lot of products for fine hair can be quite strong, which is good for removing buildup, but it can strip hair and make it more fragile. The Root Cleansing Shampoo is good for a deep wash, but it also keeps hair healthy because it actually strengthens the hair. There is a moisturizing mask with honey and apricot oil in it that someone with fine hair should definitely use to strengthen the hair.”
  5. Consider your cut. “It’s a bit of a fallacy when women think just because your hair is thin that you should have short hair. I don’t think it should be down to the bottom of your back, but it doesn’t need to be super short layers to make hair appear thicker. But when you layer it a lot, like a shag, the balance has to be good because if the layers are too short, it doesn’t look modern anymore.”
  6. Limit how often you use heat tools. “Thin hair means weaker hair, so it’s important to stay away from heat tools as much as possible. If you want waves, pin curl your hair and sleep on it to get the style without the damaging heat.”