Tweet to Breakthrough and Win the New NARS Christopher Kane Collection



We rarely get excited over brand giveaways, unless they’re our own. But NARS has everyone in a Twitter tizzy today with their latest promotion for their limited edition NARS Christopher Kane collection just debuted. The brand will be giving away the full cosmetics range from the spring collaboration along with a brand new accessory from Kane’s Spring 2015 collection. So how does this digital giveaway work? Every tweet containing the hashtag #NARSChristopherKaneUS  will automatically trigger a strike on the orb, which is live-streaming on NARS’ website. Each hashtagged tweet will break through, slowly chipping away at the glossy round orb like a piñata, until the designer giveaway is revealed. The final– and very lucky– hashtag that breaks the orb will be declared the winner. So get your tweets on because the contest has kicked off and a winner will be named soon. BRB, we need to tweet!