7 Sheet Masks That Will Totally Transform Your Skin

In South Korea, 10-step skincare regimens are the norm. Us Westerners, however, are all about fast and instant results. Thankfully, our Asian friends who brought us BB Creams also introduced us to the sheet mask, a popular beauty trend that is taking over stateside. Designed to be used weekly, individually wrapped facial tissues are saturated in luxurious serums with ingredients to hydrate, tone and firm skin, among other issues. Unlike traditional clay or peel-off masks, these cloth versions are easy to apply and their compact size makes them perfect for travel. The mask contours to your face to seal in the treatment for maximum penetration and to prevent serum from evaporating, ensuring superior results. Genius! Not all masks are created equal, though.

The beauty of these pocket-sized miracle workers is that they are each designed to target a specific skin issue to deliver maximum results in a short amount of time. Yes, you’ll look like Jason when you’re wearing one, but 20 minutes later (depending on the formula), you will look like you just got an unfathomable amount of beauty sleep and have rejuvenated skin. There’s also quite a few options on the market right now that vary in price points, so everyone can enjoy an at-home pampering session. Here, seven of the best sheet masks to address every skin woe, from anti-aging to pesky blackheads.