Perfecting the Art of Loose Waves with ghd’s Curve Classic Wave Wand


Image: Imaxtree

Not all of us are born with beautiful curls or wavy hair, so it’s up to our styling tools to help us recreate a coiled look. For our latest attempt at getting shiny, loose waves (think romantic and soft), we enlisted the help of ghd’s Curve Classic Wave Wand

The clampless barrel makes this tool easy to use and its oval shape provides the casual waves we were looking to achieve. There’s also nothing cute about curls that fall flat halfway through the day and ghd’s tri-zone technology helps create a style with serious staying power. Here’s how it works: There are six evenly spaced sensors on the barrel of the wand that heat up and maintain an “optimal styling temperature” of 365 degrees Fahrenheit constantly. So while you’re curling away, the wand will deliver the same results throughout, leaving you with a flawless, soft and bouncy wave. Other small but useful features are a cool tip and professional-length swivel cord for easy maneuvering as you style, a built-in safety stand so you don’t destroy your vanity and a sleep mode that turns the device off after 30 minutes in case you forget to power it down.


ghd Curve Classic Wave Wand, $245 at ghd

It doesn’t get any easier — we nailed the art of the loose, wavy style we wanted by making each section the width of the barrel (about 1.5 inches) and then using our fingers to loosen them up after curling all of our hair. It’s also a good idea to prep hair with a heat-protecting smoothing product and a curl-enhancing mousse to add some longevity to the style.