Found: The Best Makeup Brushes for Every Budget

Not only do the best makeup brushes allow you to easily apply your makeup, but they provide total precision. Many makeup artists prefer natural bristles because they tend to be extremely fluffy for giving an airbrushed finish and tend to grab pigment better, but synthetic makeup brushes are a favorite when it comes to liquid and cream makeup application (there’s also the cruelty-free factor).

When it comes down to it, it’s all personal preference — and budget is something to consider as well. Keeping in mind a certain price range, no matter how low or high, you are bound to find a solid set of makeup brushes and beauty tools that will work for you and your needs. Makeup brush pricing is usually based on the material of the bristles and their size, but can go for upward of hundreds of dollars. Chances are, you won’t need an extravagant arsenal and a handful of everyday makeup brushes will suffice. We’ve done some legwork and rounded up the best makeup brushes — from drugstore to professional grade — for every budget, and some even come in easy-to-use sets.

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the best makeup brushes for every budget