Line We Love: Revolutionary Anti-Aging Skincare Brand Verso


Verso Skincare

When it comes to anti-aging, retinol reigns supreme and founder Lars Fredriksson calls his line Verso a “milestone within modern skincare.” Retinol is a vitamin A molecule that has been proven to be the most effective ingredient in products that fight aging. It can be irritating, however, especially on sensitive skin and should not be used when skin is exposed to direct sunlight. Verso is a luxury Swedish skincare brand made with the first high-dose, nonprescription vitamin A derivative that is eight times more effective than the average product on the market and is safe enough to use during the day.

This gentle and potent ingredient called retinol 8 was created by Fredriksson, the same mastermind behind brands like Restylane Skincare, Swedish Skincare System and Jabu’she. After comprehensive clinical trials, retinol 8 has proven to have a rejuvenating effect on the skin and works by making cells mimic younger cells and stimulates collagen production in addition to increasing the flow of nourishment to the skin, which leads to even skin tone, improved elasticity of the skin and a reduction in fine lines and wrinkles.


CEO and founder Lars Fredriksson; Image: Courtesy of Lisa Teh of

“I read in a medical journal of a new vitamin A derivative with very interesting properties. We put together a team in the lab and created five products to begin with and currently we have seven Verso products on the market. The name retinol 8 comes from [the fact] that it is eight times more potent compared to standard retinol, which allows us to use low concentration yet being very effective,” explains Fredriksson of how he discovered the ingredient. 

The line is very straightforward and minimalist in a sense, which is part of the brand’s DNA. The word Verso is Latin for “reverse” and also a metaphor for going your own way. Fredriksson stresses the importance of the less is more approach and says,  “I think we expose our skin to too many ingredients and too many products in our daily routines with skincare, beauty and makeup products, etc. By using fewer products formulated with only what is needed, the stress to the skin will be less.”

Currently, there are seven products in the range, including the editor-favorite Super Facial Serum, a super strength cream-like product that is considered a serum due to its high concentration and can be used day and night, and is also perfect for layering over the Day Cream or Night Cream. The other offerings in the line include a Foaming Cleanser, Super Eye Serum, Dark Spot Fix and a newcomer in the form of an oil. “We have just launched Verso No 7 Super Facial Oil, an elegant dry oil with our unique retinol 8 technology with sunflower and canola oil. We have a few additional products in the pipeline, but Verso will still be a tight skincare range,” says Fredriksson.


Verso No 7 Super Facial Oil