Direct-to-Consumer Beauty Brand Onomie Debuts with Two Multitasking Eye Products

Image: Erica McCartney for Onomie

Image: Erica McCartney for Onomie

We haven’t been this excited for a new beauty line in quite some time. Meet Onomie, a new direct-to-consumer beauty brand that launched yesterday with two skincare-infused eye makeup products. 

The name Onomie is a play on the suffix “-onomy” and means “the knowledge of,” a name that founders Lauren Hoffman and Kal Vepuri believe embodies the company’s ethos of “doing things differently with a modern purpose and utmost intelligence.” Vepuri, a New York City investor behind brands like Harry’s and Warby Parker, and Hoffman, a skincare guru with a background working for Kiehl’s, Giorgio Armani and Lancôme, both decided on the direct-to-consumer approach for a number of reasons.

“First, the model takes out the middleman who takes a sizable piece of the sale. With that savings, we invest more in the formulation. This is truly what allows us to make formulas that include the high level of active ingredients that Onomie’s products contain. And simultaneously we don’t have to charge exorbitant prices to provide these benefits,” explains Hoffman.

The duo decided to launch with two eye products, the Bright Concealing Elixir and the A.C.E. Illuminating Eye Treatment, after interviewing over 100 women and listening to their needs. “The starting point was a no-brainer for us. The most common beauty complaint was around looking and feeling tired, primarily as a result of dark circles and fine lines around the eyes,” says Hoffman of the decision. She also added that it is extremely important for the brand to offer an all-inclusive range of color selection, saying, “We live in an extensively diverse world and the traditional route of three shades — light, medium or dark — is not acceptable or inclusive.”

The first thing that caught our attention, besides the cool minimalist and pretty packaging, was the wide-ranging selection of shades offered in the Bright Concealing Elixir. Generally speaking, it’s tough out there for a very fair-skinned or very dark-skinned girl to get an exact color match when it comes to color cosmetics like foundation or concealer, but thanks to Onomie, consumers have 10 shades to choose from, which in our opinion is a solid selection. Shoppers can even order a sample kit of three options to try for just $3, which is then applied to the purchase of a full-size product.

Image: Courtesy Of Onomie

Image: Courtesy Of Onomie

The clinically-tested formula is lightweight, easy to blend and super hydrating for the undereye area. Not only does it conceal tired, puffy eyes, but its blend of seven different botanicals, herbs and extracts work together to also diminish these unsightly effects. Night sleeper extract helps increase blood circulation to obliterate dark circles, alfalfa extract and Egyptian white lupine reduce puffiness, while white lily, marapuama and Brazilian ginseng decrease any inflammation in the area.

The Illuminating Eye Treatment offers an incredibly amazing light-reflecting effect with the antioxidant-rich complex of vitamins A, C and E for radiance that easily blows any highlighter pen out of the water. The two shades, Lovelace and Curie, work in conjunction with any of the 10 shades and aim to brighten, stimulate collagen production and treat free radical-damaged skin with 10 percent L-ascorbic acid. L-ascorbic acid is vitamin C in its most pure form and at 10 percent, it is still gentle enough for wear around the eyes. The trifecta of powerful actions caused by L-ascorbic acid results in the improvement of fine lines, skin tone, texture and, of course, radiance.

Whether you’re plagued by dark circles or just need to fake a good night’s rest, we highly recommend Onomie’s debut power couple. At $26 and $32 respectively, the diverse and efficacious products are moderately priced and we’re already itching to see what the brand treats us with next.