The Best YouTube Beauty Vloggers to Bookmark Right Now

There’s no question that YouTube has revolutionized beauty. The forum provides its eager users with countless hair, makeup and nail how-tos, while also helping catapult the careers of standout influencers to superstar levels. Last year, Advertising Age ranked the top style and beauty vloggers based on their monthly earnings and no one’s going home with less than $14,000 a month (that’s after YouTube gets its cut, too). Beauty vlogger Zoe Sugg, aka Zoella, has joined the annals of Madame Tussauds, Lisa Eldridge landed a gig as creative director of Lancôme and Michelle Phan, on top of practically being the face of YouTube, is the founder of a multimillion dollar beauty product subscription service, an author and, most recently, a video game voiceover actress.

When perfecting our nail art or eyeshadow, we often turn to these dexterous go-getters. That said, there are quite a few lesser-known beauty gurus whose talented tutorials deserve just as much recognition. YouTube is practically brimming with channels that are like candy for your corneas. The “real” aspect of vloggers is what makes watching their videos so addictive. They provide useful insights and witty banter while applying a highlighter or using a hair tool, making their tutorials a pleasure to watch — and earning them a fervent fan base (ourselves included).

Here, 10 of our favorite YouTube beauty vloggers to bookmark right now for all of your primping needs.

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